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25 June 2012

Assalamualaikum ^^
heii peeps

It has been a long time since the last time I posted new entry ? long ? I guess so..
So now !! I'm officially a UITM Segamat's student ?University's life ? not as good as you think.
a 'lil bit of advices ? never ever postpone your works or else you'll have to stay up late just to finish your works.Believe me ! but for now I can cope with all my works here.
oh yeah I'm a Diploma In Accountancy (DIA)'s student.HERE..when someone knows that you're DIA student..Their first impression are likee..... O.O *smart student,nerd student* why ??
Me myself also don't know why but maybe I'll know soon..MAYBE...
In here,I need to aim for DL every semester.EVERY.. pray for me guys

My first week here was like asdfghjhkll .. I only have roughly 2hours to sleep EVERYDAY 
My life was like a death body. Just followed wherever the PM asked us to.
But then I realise, without this MDS ,I'll know  NOTHING  about here and the MDS slowly getting fun and exciting. Thanks to all PMs ^^ and I get 3 new roommates ANDAND I get a roommate from KLUANG, How lucky I am.. wehoo
others are from KL and Malacca. ^^

But the main point I write this entry IS..... to tell you guys that my BEL's Lecturer just mention about INFINITE ..LOL how dummy I am XD soo what ? *me on the outside* ----> 'ohh really, INFINITE is a korean boy band'  BUT *me on the inside* ---> 'Oohhmaiigadd,ohhmaiiigad , did miss just mention about INFINITE, ohhmaigaddd ,they're my top favourite group' *fangirling mode on*