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07 May 2012

This is not what I want it to be

Assalamualaikum :)

f.y.i --->I'm crying when typing this post so my post might be a lil' bit emotional
when I was a little kid,she is the one who told me to become an accountant.
so I tried everything,anything to pursue it.
I want her to know that I'd tried very hard to get an A+ for my account.
I felt so happy to know that I can make her dream comes true.
I studied every single day and night.All this time, all I did was for her.
I'd sacrified my ambition and my dream to become an scientist or astronomy.
You know how hard it's to forget and let go your dream and passion ?

What I want right now is..her bless
I want her to know that I love her and I would do anything to make her happy.
But not like this.She suddenly change her whole mind about me becoming an accountant.
At least she would tell me before I summitted everything.E.VE.RY.THING
then I would change my mind or what else.
After years I set up my mind to become what she wants,then this is what I get?
Now all the results are out and she insists to change it.WHY?
I really don't understand her.She's the one who make me like this and SHE's also the one who break me into pieces.
Pleasee ! It's REALLY HURT me inside.
I want to be good to you,I want to obey you,I want to be the one who make you proud someday.
Can you at least,AT LEAST try to understand me a bit?
SORRY TO SAY but now I REALLY don't know what I want to be.