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16 May 2012


Hello Inspirits out there ^^ *wave*
How's your day yesterday ?
I bet it was your best day ever,am I right ?
LOL,me too.
Have you watched THE CHASER MV ?
What do you think about it ?
Since I have nobody to fangirling with *forever alone*
I'll tell my blog everything,every single details :D
Have you see how cool SungJong is ?
Wow this maknae really make me melt.
He become hotter and manlier these day.
Did you see the movement.Yeah no doubt!INFINITE is a 99% sync group.
Kim Myungsoo ??as usual,He's the best.
Rolling in the car.That was DAEBAKKK !!
Hoya's purple hair and Dongwoo's blue hair.
HOBABY dyed his hair w his favorite colour.
Sungyeol doesnt have many parts in this MV :(
Sunggyu and Namu as usual,your voice is the bestt.
ahh proud to be an INSPIRIT ^^
Check out the MV above ^^