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13 May 2013

Haii peeps ^.^

Fuuhhh Fuuhhh*blowing dust*
hai holla I'm back. hukhuk It had been a looooooonnnnngggg time since the last time I posting something. Almost a year. *wow* Quiet a looooonnggg time huhh ? The reason why I come back is....uh ha donnooo. well my blog so...WHAT! 

During my first visit to this abandoned blog,I noticed all my pictas and stuffs are blocked. like the "no entry" symbol. wakakaka.  seee!! its shows how well I am in abandoning things. LMAO. So its takes me about 2 days to removed all the 'no entry' symbols and old pictas. and taraaaa. MY NEW LOOK BLOG. but the thing I hate the most is. I CANT EVEN EDIT THE HTML. So my blog is consider as under reconstruction. *ceewaah* I need to study about the new html's system first. weehooo. soo wait haaa.

ohh yeah today is mother's day. I know I know fr me everyday is mother's day but I'd treat my mother a lil' bit special today. So HALIZA BINTI SAFFAR(mother) and RADIAH BINTI SYED MOHD EL-EDROS(grandma), a biig bigg thanks because you guys have raised up a lagend.wakakakaka. You guys are the best mother in the universe. The reason why I keep study hard :) I want you guys have a better life and be proud of meeehhh. *anak/cucu mithali* ahahahah. I laaaaabbbiuuu :) *tons of kisses*

That's all fr my first entry of this year. I'll keep updating and posting. SO.... STAY TUNED and HAVE A KITKAT :XD. andieuuu *sorry fr the broken engrish*

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